Winter Skin Tips!

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Winter can be a magical time of year but our skin may begin to protest after long walks in the cold air and cozy evenings by the fire.

The skin is our largest organ and heat is very drying, whether it’s the air we breath or the hot water we put on our faces. Low humidity levels begin to break down the skin’s natural moisture barrier which can lead to cracking and flaking skin.

Dermatologists recommend a humidifier by your bed to help add moisture. Your skin will love it and your sinuses too. As skin cells dehydrate in the winter, you’ll want to exfoliate once a week to give your skin some replenishment. If you are using a physical go very gently especiall this time of year. I am loving the Clarify, chemical exfoliant by Pomifera. It’s super effective without burning your skin.

If you have only been using a moisturizer on your skin now you may want to consider some hydrating serums. Serums have smaller molecules to go deeper into the skin, which will really plump your skin up. Fill out my skin consult form for my best recommendation for you. CLICK HERE

Finally, don’t skip your sunscreen! You can easily get a sunburn in the winter, even on cloudy days. I just discovered the Beauty by Joseon sunscreen. It’s a rice extract, probiotic SPF 50 that truly feels like skincare. No white cast or heavy feel.

What tip do you need to work on to get your winter skin glowing?

Updated on May 11, 2023

Winter Skin Tips!
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