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Did you realize that thick eyebrows are a sign of youth? Experts say that brows are very important in your anti-aging efforts. If you are like me, you have always dreamed of full, fluffy brows like then a Seint Brow Wax may be the answer to your prayers.

Why Our Brows Need Help as We Age

As we age, our eyebrows start to become thinner and lighter due to hormonal changes, sun exposure, and other environmental factors.

As we get older, the hair naturally thins on our bodies. Just like thinning hair on our heads, sparse brows are also a sign of aging. Softer, fuller brows bring youth to the face by helping to frame your eyes and gives a relaxed look. Thinner sharp brows can cause our face to look angry.

Seint Brow Wax
Seint Brow Wax Comparison

The Answer – Seint Brow Wax

A three-dimensional brow is what makeup artists aspire to create. Brow wax helps separate your brows, gives your brows texture, fullness and a lift that stays all day. Brow wax provides more hold that a gel and doesn’t get stiff. With brow wax you can keep molding to create the brows you want to have. It also is more conditioning that brow gels.

Other Options

If you have noticed your brows thinning more than you like, consider a brow serum or growth serum. There is everything from prescription formulas like Latisse to over-the-counter serums. If you are not interested in a brow serum (they can be pricey) then at least nourish your brows with your skincare. A simple application of olive oil or castor oil may help thicken your brows too.

Getting Started

When filing in your brows be sure to map out your brows, you need to know the look you are going for before filling them in.

  1. First, look for your browโ€™s starting point. Begin by creating an imaginary line from the end of your nose to the where your brows start. Then find your arch by finding the height of your brows. This is a diagonal line from the outside of your nose to the center of your pupil.

  2. Lastly, figure your brow length. Create a diagonal line from the outside of your nose to the outer corner of your eye. Once you have your guideline then fill in the sparse areas with thin strokes that mimic the look of real hair. Leave space between each stroke to create a natural looking brow. I use a matte ash brown eyeshadow shade by Seint, Oak.

Brow experts recommend having your brows look three-dimensional by adding texture. Consider a brow gel like Benefitโ€™s Gimme Brow+ or my favorite Seint Brow Wax.

Just like teasing your hair, using these products and moving the hairs upwards from root to end will leave you with brows that will be fluffy not flat.

How do you use Seint Brow Wax?

You need to have a spoolie to begin, I use Seint’s Line Brush which has a spoolie on one end and a hard angle brush on the other end. Get your spoolie damp by spraying setting spray or water and begin twirling it around on the wax. You want a thin layer of wax on your spoolie. Next, brush the spoolie through your brows in upward strokes. Mold the brows til you get the desired look you want.

Seint Line Brush
Seint Line Brush

Once your brows are a little tacky, add your other brow product. I personally use my contour or an ashy eyeshadow filling in the sparse areas with short baby fine strokes. You can also use your favorite brow pencil or pomade on top of the waxed brows.

Ready to dip your spoolie into the eyebrow wax? I believe once you try it you will never go without!

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Updated on April 4, 2024

Seint Brow Wax – Youthful Brows
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