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Hi there, I’m Heather Gilligan. I started my Seint business in 2019 after falling in love with the makeup. For the first time in my life, I felt beautiful in my skin, and I wanted to share this feeling with all my friends. After spending my career in Dentistry, I had no experience in social selling and had no followers.

I was also tech challenged but I was determined to learn the skills to be able to guide women to looking their best. Now I am finally ready to share what I have learned and help guide you to creating your own Seint business. If you have a passion to help other women and love makeup, let’s talk! 

Are you passionate about makeup and want to turn your love for beauty into a thriving business? Look no further than the Seint Artist program. As a Seint Artist, you have the opportunity to join an already successful company and embark on a journey filled with endless possibilities.

Unlike typical direct sales companies, Seint Beauty provides a unique platform that allows artists to share products that their friends actually want to buy. With a commission structure of 20-40% on personal sales and 2-16% on downline sales, your earning potential knows no bounds.

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Key Takeaways:

  • Join the Seint Artist program and unlock endless possibilities.
  • Earn commissions on personal and downline sales.
  • No need to carry inventory.
  • Choose from two artist kits to get started.
  • Become part of a supportive artist community.

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Benefits of Joining the Seint Artist Program

By joining the Seint Artist program, you can enjoy a range of benefits that will help you build a successful beauty business. Whether you’re a beauty enthusiast looking to turn your passion into a career or someone seeking financial independence, the Seint Artist program has something to offer.

As a Seint Artist, you can enjoy a range of benefits, including no need to carry inventory, lifetime customers, and support from a vibrant artist community. And the best part? You can choose from two artist kits, the Basic Artist Kit priced at $225 and the Pro Artist Kit priced at $450, both of which offer a range of high-quality products for you to get started.
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Earning Commissions on Personal and Downline Sales

As a Seint Artist, you have the opportunity to earn commissions on both your personal sales and the sales of your downline. This means that the more you sell, the more you can earn. With a commission structure ranging from 20-40% on personal sales and 2-16% on downline sales, your success is directly tied to your efforts.

Lifetime Customers and No Inventory

One of the unique benefits of the Seint Artist program is the opportunity to have lifetime customers. Once a customer buys from you, they become your customer for life. Any future purchases made by that customer will be credited to you, resulting in continued commissions. Additionally, as a Seint Artist, you don’t need to carry any inventory. You simply order products as your customers place their orders, reducing overhead costs and inventory management.

Access to a Supportive Artist Community

Becoming a Seint Artist also means joining a vibrant and supportive community of artists. You’ll have access to a network of fellow artists who are passionate about beauty and building successful businesses. This community provides a platform for learning, collaboration, and support, ensuring that you never feel alone on your journey. You can connect with other artists, share tips and advice, and celebrate each other’s successes.

Free Makeup and Flexibility in Your Business

As a Seint Artist, you have the opportunity to earn free makeup through the program. The Pro Artist Kit includes makeup with a retail value of up to $850, allowing you to try out a range of products and share your favorites with potential customers.

You also have the flexibility to run your business in a way that fits your lifestyle. Whether you prefer hosting in-person events, showcasing the makeup online, or a combination of both, the choice is yours. You can customize your business approach to reach your target audience and ensure that you’re working in a way that aligns with your personal strengths and preferences.

Weekly Payments and Bonuses

As a Seint Artist, you’ll receive payments every Friday for your sales from the previous week. This ensures a steady stream of income and allows you to plan your finances accordingly. Additionally, bonuses based on your sales volume and rank are awarded on the 10th of each month, giving you the opportunity to earn even more.

You can receive your payments via direct deposit or a Seint debit card, providing you with convenient and secure options to access your earnings.

Joining the Seint Artist program opens up a world of possibilities, allowing you to turn your love for beauty into a rewarding career. With the potential to earn commissions, access to lifetime customers, a supportive artist community, free makeup, flexibility in your business approach, and regular payments, there’s no better time to join than now.

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Compensation Plan for Seint Artists

The Seint Artist compensation plan ensures that artists are rewarded for their efforts. As an artist, you can earn a minimum of 20% commission on every sale you make, regardless of the purchase amount. This means that whether a customer buys a single product or a complete makeup set, you earn a fair commission.

But it doesn’t stop there. Once a customer buys from you, they become a lifetime customer. This means that any future purchases made by that customer will be credited to you, resulting in continued commissions. This creates a passive income stream as you build a loyal customer base.

In addition to the commission on sales, you’ll also have the opportunity to earn monthly bonuses based on your total sales volume and rank. These bonuses can significantly increase your earnings and provide extra motivation to grow your business.

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Payments are made every Friday via direct deposit, ensuring that you have a steady stream of income. This stability allows you to plan and manage your finances effectively. Whether you’re using the money to fund your personal expenses or reinvesting it into your business, you can count on consistent payments.

The Seint Artist compensation plan also offers you the ability to build a team and earn bonuses on your downline’s sales. As you mentor and support your team members, you’ll not only be helping them succeed but also increasing your own earnings. It’s a rewarding opportunity to leverage your leadership skills and create a network of successful artists.

As you can see, the higher your rank, the higher your commission rate and monthly bonus. By consistently growing your sales volume and building a strong team, you have the potential to achieve financial success and reach the top ranks.

Join the Seint Artist program today and take advantage of this generous compensation plan to turn your passion for beauty into a thriving business.

Day-to-Day Work as a Seint Artist

As a Seint Artist, you have the freedom and flexibility to shape your own work and promote the products in ways that resonate with you. There are various avenues you can explore to share the beauty of Seint makeup and build your own brand.

In-Person Events:

Girls’ Nights: Hosting girls’ nights can be a fun and social way to introduce your friends and acquaintances to the world of Seint Beauty. Create a relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere where you can showcase the makeup and provide makeovers for those interested. This personal touch can leave a lasting impression on potential customers.

Makeovers: Offering makeovers to co-workers or friends is another great way to spread the word about Seint. Take advantage of lunch breaks or after-work gatherings to showcase the transformative power of the makeup and allow people to experience it firsthand.

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Online Platforms:

The digital realm provides endless possibilities for sharing the beauty of Seint with a larger audience. Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube enable you to showcase your makeup skills, share makeup tutorials, and interact with potential customers.

Regular Content: By consistently posting engaging content, you can attract the right audience and grow your following. Share makeup tips and tricks, before-and-after transformations, and product reviews to establish yourself as a trusted beauty authority.

Interaction: Interact with your followers by responding to comments, answering questions, and fostering a sense of community. Building genuine connections with your audience can foster loyalty and encourage repeat business.

Authenticity: Being authentic is key to attracting and retaining customers. Share your personal experiences with Seint products and why you believe in them. This transparency and authenticity can resonate with your audience and help you build trust.

Seint Artist Team

Team Support and Learning:

As a Seint Artist, you are part of a vibrant community that thrives on collaboration and support. It’s essential to actively engage with your team, offering support and learning from one another’s experiences. Regular communication with your mentor ensures you have the guidance and advice you need to succeed. Make use of the available training resources, whether it’s training videos, Facebook groups, or video conference calls, to further enhance your skills and stay up-to-date with the latest techniques and trends.

Being a Seint Artist is about more than just selling makeup. It’s about connecting with others, sharing your passion, and helping people feel beautiful. Embrace the flexibility of the role and find the strategies that work best for you as you embark on this exciting journey.

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Support and Training for Seint Artists

At Seint Beauty, we are dedicated to providing unparalleled support and comprehensive training to our valued artists. When you join our artist program, you gain access to a wealth of resources that will empower you to succeed in your business.

One of the key aspects of our support system is the availability of training videos, which provide in-depth guidance on various aspects of running your business. Additionally, we offer access to private Facebook groups, group chats, and video conference calls, allowing you to directly connect with your team for assistance and collaboration.

In addition to these resources, Seint Beauty organizes one-on-one and group trainings, webinars, and online sales events. These events are designed to further enhance your knowledge and skills, keeping you up-to-date with the latest industry trends and techniques.

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My ultimate goal is to provide you with the tools and support you need to succeed as a Seint Artist. We believe that with our comprehensive training and ongoing support, you can build the life you desire and create a thriving business.

By joining my team, you’ll be joining a community of passionate and motivated artists who are committed to supporting each other’s growth and success. Together, we can make a difference in the beauty industry and achieve our goals.


What is the Seint Artist program?

The Seint Artist program offers individuals the opportunity to join an already successful company and unlock endless possibilities as a Seint Artist.

How can I join the Seint Artist program?

To join the Seint Artist program, you can sign up through My Team as a Seint Artist and start your journey as a Seint Beauty consultant.

What are the benefits of joining the Seint Artist program?

By joining the Seint Artist program, individuals can enjoy a range of benefits such as earning commissions on personal and downline sales, having lifetime customers, and being part of a supportive artist community.

How much does it cost to become a Seint Artist?

The Seint Artist program offers two artist kits to choose from. The Basic Artist Kit is priced at $225, while the Pro Artist Kit is priced at $450. Both kits include a range of high-quality products to help you get started.

How does the Seint Artist compensation plan work?

The Seint Artist compensation plan ensures that artists are rewarded for their efforts. Artists earn a commission of at least 20% on every sale they make, and they also have the opportunity to earn additional bonuses based on their total sales volume and rank.

What is the day-to-day work of a Seint Artist?

As a Seint Artist, you have the flexibility to choose how you want to work and promote the products. You can host in-person events, offer makeovers, or promote the products online through social media platforms.

What kind of support and training is available for Seint Artists?

Seint Beauty is committed to providing support and training to its artists. Upon joining, artists gain access to corporate training and marketing materials, as well as mentorship from their team leader. They also have access to training videos, Facebook groups, group chats, video conference calls, and other resources that facilitate direct help from their team.

How often are commission payments made for Seint Artists?

Commission payments for Seint Artists are made every Friday for sales from the previous week. Artists can choose to receive their payments via direct deposit or a Seint debit card.

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