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Cream-Based Highlighting and Contouring (HAC)

IIID Foundation from Seint is a makeup that is to simplify your routine while still achieving a flawless, radiant look. Formerly known as Maskcara Beauty IIID Foundation, it incorporates highlighting and contouring (HAC) as part of the foundation steps. You don’t have to be a makeup artist to quickly begin learning the basics of highlighting and contouring. Using four-five colors – 2 Highlights (what you think of as foundation), a Contour shade, a Lip+Cheek, and perhaps an Illuminator – you are able enhance your natural features.

With free custom color match help available and a 30-day exchange or return policy, Seint IIID Foundation is versatile making it easy for women of all ages. Seint’s cream-based foundation is a game-changer for anyone looking to streamline their makeup routine. IIID Foundation offers a unique approach to foundation application, combining multiple products into one easy-to-use compact.

This provides you with makeup that you can easily take with you, all in one-compact and cost effective as you only replace a color you need. In this article, we will explore the components and application of iiiD Foundation, its benefits and its sustainability.

What is IIID Foundation?

Seint’s iiiD system has revolutionized the world of one-compact cream makeup. iiiD Foundation simplifies makeup routines by incorporating highlighting and contouring (HAC) as part of the foundation, which eliminates the need for separate products and extensive knowledge of makeup application.

Compared to traditional foundation, iiiD Foundation is designed to reduce the amount of time and product needed to achieve the look you are desiring. Instead of using separate products for concealing, highlighting, contouring, and adding radiance, iiiD Foundation combines all of these steps into one simple process. Say goodbye to layering product after product. When you apply the specific colors where they are designed to be used, you will not only save time but also create a skin-like finish.

Moreover, Seint’s iiiD foundation empowers women by enhancing their best features and giving them a boost of confidence. The foundation is versatile and can be used as a color corrector, concealer, and brightener. This allows women to customize their look to their liking, whether they prefer a natural glow or a more dramatic look.

Seint’s iiiD Foundation is packaged individually in magnetic tins and sold separately, making it easy to customize and replace specific components of the foundation. By simplifying the makeup routine, iiiD Foundation allows you to focus on the things that matter most to you; whether it be spending time with family, pursuing a career, date night with your guy or simply taking time for self-care.

cream foundation
Cream Foundation

Components of IIID Foundation

The foundation consists of four distinct colors that are strategically applied to specific areas of the face for a seamless finish.


The Main Highlight color matches the overall tone of your skin and serves as your foundation shade. Depending on the colors in your skin you may choose to purchase additional highlights, a brightening shade and a color correcting shade. When choosing shades, ask you Seint artist for help or consider two shades lighter to brighten (think concealer) and two shades deeper to color correct areas of hyperpigmentation, redness and dark circles. The brightening (lighter foundation) is used to bring light to the center of the face, corner of the eyes and any area on mature skin that is losing volume.


The Contour color is darker mostly ashy shade of foundation than your natural skin tone. Contour enhances natural shadows while adding depth and dimension to features. It can be applied along the hairline, cheekbones, jawline, and sides of the nose. Contour chisels and sculpts the face.

Lip and Cheek

The Lip and Cheek color is cream-based and serves as both a blush and lip color. It can be applied on the cheeks and lips, also can be used as eyeshadow and color correcting too. The color Frenchie for example is a satin salmon color that works well to color correct dark circles on light -medium skin tone women.


The Illuminator gives a radiant glow to key places on the face, leaving the skin tone looking younger and softer. It can be applied at the top of the cheekbones, center of nose, brow bone, cupid’s bow, center of the lips, and collarbone.

IIID Application Techniques

iiiD Foundation application techniques are straightforward. Colors are applied to areas of the face and finished out for a seamless blend. To achieve the desired results, it is essential to use brushes made for cream foundation. All Seint brushes are designed to work with creams although there are different brushes depending on what coverage you prefer. Like full coverage? Grab the densely packed bristles on the Buff brush. Want a super sheer application? The Blend brush will be your BFF.

The correct application technique can enhance all of your best features and make you look and feel like the very best version of yourself. Seint artists offer free color matching to help you to get the absolute best results in choosing colors and providing the correct application for each individual face. A through makeup-free photo assessment or online quiz is offered HERE ensuring that you will love your new makeup.

Benefits and Sustainability

One potential benefit of using the iiiD Foundation is its environmental sustainability, as the product is packaged individually and sold separately for easy customization and replacement. This sustainable practice minimizes wastage and reduces the environmental impact of the product.

You can replace only the component that has been used up, instead of having to buy a whole new foundation, which also reduces their cost.

Seint, as a brand, has made a conscious effort to reduce its environmental impact by using recyclable packaging and minimizing the amount of waste generated during production. The brand’s commitment to sustainability is reflected in its packaging, which is designed to last and be reused.

Seint also encourages customers to recycle their used color tins and other packaging materials. By incorporating sustainable practices in its production and packaging, Seint is able to offer a product that not only enhances one’s natural features but is also environmentally responsible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is iiiD Foundation suitable for all skin types?

Yes! Cream makeup is the number one choice of all professional makeup artists for a reason. Seint’s cream products are made with minimal ingredients that are not harsh or irritating to most skin types. Creams won’t clog your pores like liquids and powders do so it’s an ideal choice for acne prone and mature skin. In fact, when using creams you typically will use much less product leaving your skin to breathe. Creams are not sticky or oily as I am often asked. In fact, the added hydrating benefits of Seint’s cream foundation is ideal for us mature skin ladies.

Most liquid foundations have a gazillion ingredients and one of the first listed is water. You would think water would be a good thing but as the water in the foundation dries out, it leaves your skin dehydrated and in turn your skin begins to produce more oil. All these reasons make creams a great choice for all skin types.

Can Seint Foundation be used for full coverage or just for a natural look?

You can get the exact coverage you want with Seint’s cream foundation. Both full coverage and natural looks are based on your application techniques and brushes you choose. Your Seint beauty artist will guide you to the right brush and application technique for the coverage you desire.

How long does a tin of iiiD Foundation typically last with daily use?

On average, a tin of iiiD foundation lasts based on the component: highlight (3-4 months), contour (4-7 months), lip+cheek, and illuminator (12+ months). Longevity tips include proper storage and daily usage hacks to extend the product’s lifespan.

Does Seint offer any other cream-based makeup products besides the iiiD Foundation?

New Products and Best Sellers: Exploring Seint’s Cream based Makeup Line. While Seint’s focus is on their iiiD Foundation, they also offer their Demi color correcting line of cream products too. Comparing Seint’s Cream-based HAC with powder-based alternatives may help customers choose the best option for their routine.

Are there any tips or tricks for beginners using Seint Foundation for the first time?

For beginners using Seint Foundation, shade matching is crucial for a seamless finish. Application techniques involve blending each color onto specific areas of the face. Starting with a light hand and building up gradually is recommended. Your Seint artist will give you a guide to wear to apply each shade, if you can paint by numbers, you can apply iiiD foundation.

Final Thoughts

Seint IIID Foundation offers a simplified approach to achieving a flawless, radiant look with minimal time in application. With its cream-based products that incorporate highlighting and contouring, Seint’s iiid foundation has become a cult favorite in the makeup world. With their free color matching, help from a Seint Artist and a 30-day exchange policy it is an attractive option for anyone looking to simplify their makeup routine.

Ready to get started with Seint’s cream makeup? Fill out my FREE SEINT COLOR MATCH form! I am excited to help you along your journey to a simplified makeup approach.

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Updated on March 20, 2024

IIID Foundation by Seint
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