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Purely Radiant with Heather is a one stop resource for people interested in aesthetics, beauty, makeup, and well-being services and information. We’re also a platform for professionals to connect with potential customers in the beauty space.

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Seint Makeup


Seint Artist
Seint Artist / Pomifera Skincare / Dental Hygienist

Hi There, I’m HEATHER!

I am a Seint makeup expert, beauty and skincare educator, 30-year dental hygienist, mom of two boys and a bonus daughter.  If I’m not pursuing my passion for beauty, skincare, and wellness, you can find me hiking, kayaking/paddling, or in the kitchen baking my latest obsession with sourdough bread!

As a single mom for many years, I found it difficult to manage working out of the house and still caring for all the ways my kids needed me. I find great fulfillment in mentoring women on how to make money working from home so they can be more accessible to their families.  

I love helping women of all ages find simplicity in their makeup routine so they can feel beautiful in their skin!Β Β Reach out to me with any questions, I’m happy to help!

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