SEINT MAKEUP – Where to Buy?

Seint Makeup Before and After

What is Seint Makeup?

Seint is an online-exclusive makeup brand, not available in physical retail stores. To buy Seint makeup, you can do so through my Seint store or visit their official website directly. As Seint lacks brick-and-mortar stores, they provide a 30-day money-back guarantee return policy and a 60-day exchange policy for their products.

Unlike most other makeup brands, Seint is not available in retail stores. Despite receiving offers from all the big box stores, Seint’s CEO, who is also a makeup artist and blogger, decided to keep the brand’s focus on providing guidance and assistance to women with their makeup application.

The makeup focuses on enhancing your existing natural beauty, and in a timely manner – a makeup routine which works for women on the go.  This led to the creation of the Seint artist program. See the Seint Makeup Before and After picture above to see the results for yourself.

Seint is a direct sales company that employs independent Seint Artist to guide customers in their makeup selection, particularly in color matching. Seint makeup artists are not allowed to hold inventory to sell. Instead, customers must purchase through the artist’s Seint website.

Seint offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and easy shade swaps on their makeup to ensure customer satisfaction. There are also many ways to save money on buying Seint Makeup, be sure to read up all about it here.


Seint Color Match

One common concern among makeup users is finding the right foundation shade. Seint addresses this concern by providing a Seint Makeup color match form on their website, which Seint artist like me use to determine customers’ custom shades. To use this service, customers must attach a makeup-free selfie to the form following the directions provided. It is important to note that this is not your typical car selfie.  This is a link to my complimentary Color Match form, click here for a free color match.

Seint Collections

In addition to the color match form, Seint has created pre-built Collections to make it easier for customers to find their ideal cream foundation shades. These three collections are conveniently located on the Seint website under the Collections tab. Customers can use the shade charts provided to select the collection that most closely matches their skin tone.

If you need assistance in selecting the right collection for your skin tone, I am always available to help guide you. You can find these collections and my contact information on my Seint artist website.

I am always happy to help guide you on your Collection if you need assistance. You can shop these Collections HERE. 

Seint’s approach of providing personalized guidance and assistance to customers has set it apart in the makeup industry. The color match form and pre-built collections have made it easier than ever for customers to find their perfect shade of cream foundation.

As a Seint Makeup Artist, I am always available to help you navigate through the selection process and ensure that you are satisfied with your purchase. Check out the Seint website to learn more about the brand and start your journey towards flawless makeup application. 

Seint Collections
Seint Collections

Demi Color Makeup

Have you been wanting to try Demi but not sure what colors to start with? A Demi Collection is the perfect way to start.

This is NOT drugstore concealers that you put makeup on top of. Demi is a color canceling, color neutralizing product.

Why would you want to consider Demi color correctors?

  • You don’t wear much makeup but would like to cover up some areas on your face.

  • You have dark circles

  • You have “spots” on your face

  • You have acne or acne scaring

  • Your concealer or iiid foundation is creasing at your under-eye, mature skin

The Demi Edits come in three Collections to choose from, although the colors will cross over. Don’t worry you won’t need all three!

Demi color makeup
Demi Edit Collections
  • The Wide Awake Collection is to help cancel out those pesky dark circles and brighten up your sleepy eyes.

  • The Erase Edit is ideal for erasing blemishes throughout their whole cycle from bump to post-inflammatory pigmentation.

  • The Rewind Edit is the answer to melasma and age spots.

Seint Makeup Palette

If you want to mix and match and create a custom array based on size, design and colors, see Seint Makeup Palettes – using the Seint Palette Builder to create your own Customizable Palette. In addition to makeup palettes and collections, Seint also carries some great makeup accessories: makeup brushes, makeup compacts, beauty blenders, brush cleaners and holders and makeup removal cloths.

If you are curious about this option but perhaps a little overwhelmed, you can Contact Me here and I can help build your order with you. Please feel free to reach out, I’m here to help you!

Looking to try Seint Makeup? You’re at the right place!

If you’re looking for where to buy Seint makeup you’re at the right place. If you are visitor from IT-Beaute or Isla Apothecary, welcome and I’m sure you will find anything you need Seint related here. If you have any questions, need help placing an order or navigating the site please reach out to me, I’m happy to help!


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