Seint Cream Makeup for Mature Skin: 5 Reasons Why it’s Not Working for You

Seint Cream Makeup For Mature Skin

Seint Cream Makeup is GREAT for Mature Skin

Seint Cream Makeup for mature skin is a match made in heaven. You’ve heard all about it, but why is it not working for you? I’ll give you 5 reasons why right here. Read On!

5 Reasons Why it Might NOT be Working for You

  1. You havenโ€™t prepped your skin! If your skincare isnโ€™t a 10, your makeup will never be a 10. All makeup loves a smooth canvas. So ideally, cleanse, apply serums and moisturize/spf your skin, yes even oily skin. Let your moisturizer soak in a good 5 minutes before applying your foundation. You should not need a primer with Seint makeup, unless you are extremely oily and live in a very humid climate or you are menopausal like me and tend to โ€œflashโ€ it off!

  2. You are swiping instead of buffing your makeup on. Mature skin is more textured and requires a different application method. Stippling or buffing will allow your product to lay much more smoothly with less product needed.

  3. You are using too light of a color. Again, if you have mature skin, most likely your skin is not one uniform shade. Choosing too light of a shade will have you using way too much product to get your darker areas covered. Consider using 2-3 shades selectively placed to give your skin that 3-D effect that makes your skin look like skin, not like a mask.

  4. You havenโ€™t set your makeup. Cream makeup needs to be set, I like using a setting spray and only adding in a setting powder if you must. If you use a setting powder, be sure to press it into the skin. The tap and swirl all over the skin is out, you will end up with powder setting in your fine lines.

  5. You expect your skin to look like a filter. Filters are fun, but using one in every picture you take will have you not liking what you see looking back at you in the mirror. I guarantee you are harder on your appearance than anyone else is when they look at you. ๐Ÿ’—

I Can Help if You Still Have Issues

If I have color matched you, you can come to me anytime and I will help troubleshoot with you so that you can feel confident in how you look.

If you are new to Seint Makeup and ready to get color matched, CLICK HERE I will help you find your perfect shades!

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Updated on February 21, 2024

Seint Cream Makeup for Mature Skin: 5 Reasons Why it’s Not Working for You
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