Seint Color Corrector for Redness – 3 Tips!

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1) Moisturize – Most redness has some texture to it. If you are using cream makeup, make sure that the moisturizer you are using doesn’t have a silicone in it or your makeup won’t grip to your face. I love Pomifera’s Rose oil that helps reduce redness and texture with time or the Nourish moisturizer before applying my cream makeup.

2) Seint Color Corrector Makeup – this can be achieved a few ways with Seint. You can lightly stipple any of these three shades lightly over your redness. The Blend brush is a great tool for a very light application of correction.

~Aspen Contour (orange tone that neutralizes redness on darker complexions)

~June Highlight (has a green, olive undertone that neutralizes blemishes, rosacea, sunburn) ~Mango highlight ( has an orange tone that cancels out blue. Covers dark redness and other discolorations) ~YO1–Demi color corrector that filters out purple. Most redness that a purple-blue undertone and this shade will cancel out that color with no texture.

3) Consider a no blush or a nude, peach or bronze blush! Get comfortable with cream bronzer. Tiger Lilly, Nude, Madrid, St Tropez, Frenchie along with Bella bronzer would all be beautiful on skin with redness.

Seint Demi Corrector for Redness
Seint Color Corrector for Redness

Try these tips and let me know which one worked for you! Or let me color match you to your ideal colors!

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Updated on November 25, 2023

Seint Color Corrector for Redness – 3 Tips!
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