Seint Brush Cleaner – Clean Your Brushes for Healthier Skin

Seint Makeup Brushes

While you are working hard to achieve the healthiest skin, don’t forget one very important step: CLEAN YOUR DIRTY MAKEUP BRUSHES! …enter Seint Brush Cleaner.

Why Clean Your Brushes Regularly?

Makeup brushes can get exceptionally dirty. Each time you use your brushes, they pick up small amounts of dirt, oil and makeup debris. Yuck!

Not only does that mean trouble for your skin, causing breakouts it can also break down the integrity of your expensive makeup brushes. Cleansing your brushes regularly will keep them soft, sanitized and working well for years to come.

Clean brushes also mean that they will pick up less product and blend your makeup easier. Yay!

Seint Brush cleaner
Seint Brush cleaner

Why Use Seint Brush Cleaner?

The Seint Brush Cleanser is a spray specifically engineered to dissolve bacteria and remove makeup residue from your brushes quickly and easily. I use this product as least once a week if not more often.

How to Use It

Spritz the end of your brush with the Seint Brush Cleanser (a little goes a long way!) and gently brush it back and forth on a cloth or paper towel until it brushes clean. Be careful not to oversaturate the brush! This Brush Cleanser sanitizes your brushes and conditions the bristles of your brushes to help extend their lifespan. 

For a deep clean rejuvenate your brushes with a tea tree scented Seint Brush Cleansing Soap. Including a textured scrub plate, your brushes will be fresh and hygienic, while staying gentle enough not to harm their integrity.

I will do a deep clean monthly on my brushes. Dampen bristles with water and lightly swirl into cleansing soap. Avoid saturating the brush handle to prevent damage.

Gently work soap into bristles by using the scrubbing pad. Rinse thoroughly and allow brush to air dry. Allow soap to air dry before securing the lid. 

Wrap Up

I like Seint Brush Cleanser for my weekly brush cleaning. Spritz a couple squirts of the brush cleanser on a microfiber cloth and rub your brush on it; watch all that makeup come off easily. It only costs $32 and lasts for months to come.

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Updated on September 20, 2023

Seint Brush Cleaner – Clean Your Brushes for Healthier Skin
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