Want whiter looking teeth? Yes please

whiter teeth

ant brighter looking teeth without having to touch your enamel? If your a women, perhaps it’s as easy as choosing the right shade of lipstick?

Consider a red or pink shade of lip color with a blue undertone. Lipsticks with warmer undertones of yellow, orange and gold can make teeth appear yellower than they are, while cooler reds have the opposite effect.

For that whitening effect, choose Seint’s red lip colors such as Pop, Ruby, Sangria, and Scarlet. Or Seint’s pink lip and cheeks such as Pinky Promise, Dahlia and Baby Watermelon.

And always wear a bronzer, a bronzed glow will go a long way in making your smile look better too.

Message me with any dental questions on whitening your teeth,as a 30 year registered dental hygienist I’m always happy to give advice on oral care.

Updated on August 9, 2023

Want whiter looking teeth? Yes please

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