Professional Lashes-Five Easy Tips

Professional Lashes

Step 1–Curl your lashes. Try to get as close to the lash line as possible and in fact try to curl in 3 different sections. Base, middle and top of your lashes. They will hold the curl much better. 

Step 2–Use an eyelash primer. Primers help condition, thicken and separate the lashes. Apply two coats and make sure your lashes dry for thirty seconds before applying your mascara. I like the Loreal Voluminous primer. 

Step 3–Remove your brush from the tube by twisting the wand and wiping off excess. DO NOT pump your mascara up and down in the tube, this will put air into your mascara and dry it out faster. Remember your mascara dries out in about 3 months, so to prevent clumping and eye irritations throw it out at that time. 

Step 4–Application. Look up, place the wand at the base of the lashes and wiggle it back and forth, coating the base of your lashes. The pull the wand upward towards the top of your lashes, making sure you coat every part of the lashes. Apply additional coats until you get the look you want making sure it doesn’t dry between coats, which can make your lashes brittle. 

Step 5–Clean up your smudges by taking a dry spoolie after at the mascara has dried and brush it away. If it already smudged, then use an eye makeup remover on the end of a q-tip.

Should you apply mascara on lower lashes if you have mature eyes? Probably not, but if your lashes are really pale then take an angled brush and get a little mascara on that and softly apply to your lashes. 

My favorite mascaras: for aging, thin lashes. These are clean and of course cost more. But worth the investment if you have lash loss. -Shakelee/Pomifera Youth mascara, it is a true lash serum and mascara. It never clumps and helps grow and condition your lashes. $49 Shop HERE! -Thrive Liquid Lash Extensions. This is a tubing mascara, that never clumps. $25 -City Beauty Beyond Mascara for aging lashes. Volumizing treatment that nourishes lashes.  $35

Great mascaras for gals with healthy lashes: -Essence Lash Princess False Lash Effect. This mascara lifts and lengthens .$5 -Maybelline Falsies, Tik-Tok fan favorite $10 -Loreal Volumious Mascara $11

So what’s your ride or die mascara?

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Updated on May 10, 2023

Professional Lashes-Five Easy Tips
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