Nothing is more youthful than glowing radiant skin!

Pomifera Skincare

Although I must admit I never believed my 53yr old skin could change this much in a little over a year! After years of struggling with cystic acne through my twenties and thirties, I was left with large pores and acne scaring. Add my now mature skin to the mix with hyperpigmentation, fine lines and and dark circles I was in need of a clean skincare routine that was clinically proven.

I started using a beginners set of the Pomifera in August 2021 because so many people I knew were making the switch. It was less expensive than what I was using previously and made with simple, non-toxic ingredients. Best yet it’s made in the US.

I was hopeful, that it would help my lackluster skin but I had no clue it would completely reform it. I still have some hyperpigmentation on my cheeks but my dark circles are so much better, my skin is bright and glowing and it is super smooth. Bye bye to the acne scaring.

I get asked a lot if I have had Botox and no, I have had no professional procedures. My 11’s have disappeared. I do have fine lines but it’s minimal. Reversal of skin damage takes time, there’s no quick fix but daily consistent skincare morning and night does work.

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Updated on May 11, 2023

Nothing is more youthful than glowing radiant skin!
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