Aging is In!

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Aging is truly in!! What do I mean by that? Well aging is a gift! One of the most precious gifts we are ever given.

It’s the gift of being able to appreciate the important things in life and not fret the small stuff. It’s the gift of watching your children grow up and become men and women you not only love but also truly like and enjoy spending time with. It’s a gift of forgiveness of ourselves and others.

The psalmist talks of aging and assures us that God will never leave us during this time of our lives. Psalm 71, says that God will not abandon us while we face declining physical and mental health and He still has a purpose for us to fulfill.

I’m holding onto God’s promises for us as our hair turns grey and our faces begin to wrinkle.

Who’s declaring with me that our fifties on forward will be the best years of our lives?

Updated on May 11, 2023

Aging is In!
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