7 Ageless Makeup Tips for Mature Skin!

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  1. Start your skin prep with a glowing base. If you don’t already have a great skincare routine, it’s NOT too late to start. Using a moisturizing cleanser, hydrating serums and a lightweight moisturizer before makeup application is key. You always want to apply makeup to prepped skin. Consider a mineral SPF for your moisturizer especially if your skin tends to be combination/oily. I am loving the beautybyjoseon.com SPF that acts like skincare with no white cast. Really want to enhance your glow? Try a light application of Seint’s rose gold illuminator all over the skin before beginning all your other products.
  2. Go lighter in application and build up coverage only where needed. Cream foundation being pure pigment only requires a light application. Less is definitely more when it comes to cream. Start with a light application hand, blend it out then go back and spot treat ONLY your trouble spots. When applying foundation or concealer around the eyes, focus most of the product on the inner corner which is mostly blue or purple and right under the eye (in the trough). Keep your makeup away from the crows feet.
  3. Mature skin needs warmth. A complexion with the exact color foundation matched to your skin may end up being too light. We don’t want to look orange but a warmer complexion will make texture, hyperpigmentation and wrinkles less noticeable. Cream bronzers also add a beautiful way to wake the skin up and an easy way to make sure your face and neck always match.
  4. After fifty is definitely the time to begin lifting and sculpting. As everything starts to go south, you need to create dimension on the face. Think of it like a push up bra for the face. Contouring should not be scary, go with a light hand and look at the natural shadows on your face. Try to mimic those shadows. shadows. If you have lost a lot of weight or volume in your face, skip the contouring of the cheekbones. Most women really love sculpting under the chin though, it’s easy and gives a slimming effect to your face. Don’t forget that your bronzer and blush will also give you a lift. So keep those higher on your cheekbone, working upwards towards the temple.
  5. Eyes wide-open and awake is the look you want with your eyeshadow. Two complimentary matte shades can really open up the eye. Start on the outer corner above the hood and blend inwardly, this diffuses the pigment and creates a soft pretty eyeshadow look. Also consider a tubing mascara, that way you won’t get clumping. There is nothing worse than clumped eyelashes to age your eyes.
  6. Brows! Natural soft brows that are lifted can really create a youthful eye. Choose a soft brow pencil or eyeshadow shade that compliments your hair to fill in your brows. Soft feather like strokes create a lifted eye.
  7. When considering your lips, choose shades your like. There are no rules in makeup but as the lips get thinner and lose volume they can change shape. Fill them in with a soft neutral lip liner. This will help prevent feathering and help prevent your lipstick from traveling. I often use my brow wax first around my lips to help my lip liner stay on longer. As much as we love our lipstick to stay on all day, most satin or matte formulas can be a little drying on mature lips. Consider a gloss that really helps add shine and perhaps even has a little shimmer, this will help give the look of fuller lips.

I hope you were able to take away at least one new trick from these ageless beauty tips, If you are ready to be color matched to my favorite cream makeup then head over to my color match form Click Here. I’d love to help you get glowing into 2023. 

Updated on May 11, 2023

7 Ageless Makeup Tips for Mature Skin!
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