IIID Foundation

Simplify Your Routine With Cream-Based Highlighting and Contouring (HAC) IIID Foundation from Seint is a makeup that is to simplify your routine while still achieving a flawless, radiant look. Formerly known as Maskcara Beauty iiiD Foundation, it incorporates highlighting and contouring (HAC) as part of the[…]

Seint Brow Wax

Your brows frame your eyes! As we age, our eyebrows start to become thinner and lighter due to hormonal changes, sun exposure, and other environmental factors. And if, like me you have always dreamed of full, fluffy brows like then a Seint Brow Wax may be[…]

Seint Demi Edit Collections

Let’s chat Seint Demi Edit collections! 30% off on January 17th. Seint Demi filters out excess color on your face that you don’t like. You touch a specific color correcting pigment to the color of excess in your skin. Dark circles are mostly a combo of[…]

Getting the coverage you want with Seint

How to get the coverage you want with Seint? After days of migraines that leave my dark circles “more blue” than ever I’m grateful for makeup that covers what I don’t love about my skin without leaving me looking like I’m wearing a mask. Again, the[…]

Red Lips Can Make You Look Younger?

Do you know a red lip could make you look younger? Scientists have found that red lipstick could increase facial contrast between facial features and the surrounding skin, therefore making you look younger! So grab yourself a classic red and wear it proudly. Isn’t being fifty+[…]

7 Ageless Makeup Tips for Mature Skin!

I hope you were able to take away at least one new trick from these ageless beauty tips, If you are ready to be color matched to my favorite cream makeup then head over to my color match form Click Here. I’d love to help you get glowing into 2023. 

Tips for Undetectable Undereye Makeup

Tips to undetectable makeup under the eyes! Throw out your traditional concealer, it is too heavy for mature skin. And let’s consider doing this area last instead of first! 1. Prep your eyes! Use any serums you have that are humectants to add moisture to this[…]

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