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Let’s chat Seint Demi Edit collections! 30% off on January 17th.

Seint Demi filters out excess color on your face that you don’t like. You touch a specific color correcting pigment to the color of excess in your skin.

Dark circles are mostly a combo of purple and blue= YO1 for the purple or O1/O3 for blue.

Sun spots, freckles, hyperpigmentation is a combo of green and sometimes blue/purple. RO3 or O3 is really great for this.

Acne has shades of red and purple depending on the stage if the acne which requires more green like GY1.

I know it seems confusing at first but getting to know the colors in your face gets easier the more you use it. If you are open to learning something new then message me with what area you are struggling with and I’ll guide you to the right collection. I’m using the Spot Brush for all my Demi correcting.

In this after picture I used Bella bronzer to warm up my skin and a little iiid foundation to even out my skin tone.

YO1 for most of my eye bag, O3 inner corner of eye.

R03 for most sunspots except really dark areas a little O5

R5 on my cheeks and lips

NR to sculpt my eyes, as a warm brown eyeshadow.

For my lip plumping hyaluronic lip gloss shop link below 📷 and use promo code “purelyradiantheather” for 15% off all orders. I’m using the clear.

City Beauty – City Lips – Click Here

To try out Seint Demi click here!

Updated on September 7, 2023

Seint Demi Edit Collections
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