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Demi Colour

Demi Colour is a makeup approach that focuses on enhancing your natural Beauty.

There is nothing on the market like it, it is truly the ideal way to create the “no makeup makeup”.  Demi Colour filters away excess color you see on your skin, allowing your unique features to shine through, unlike traditional foundation or concealer which simply try to cover imperfections.

Demo Colour - Magnetic and Mirrored Palette
Demo Colour

This sheer filter seamlessly blends with the skin tone, providing a natural and flawless appearance that lasts all day without the need for additional setting sprays or powders. I like to explain the difference between Demi makeup and traditional foundation/concealers is the difference between a veil and a mask. This leaves your skin luminous and looking like your skin but better. 

Additionally, Demi Colour addresses common skin concerns such as dark under eyes, redness, blemishes, rosacea and hyperpigmentation by bringing your face back into balance. Demi Corrector enhances what you love about your skin while neutralizing the areas of your skin that distract you from feeling like your most confident self by utilizing complimentary colors. Demi is ideal on mature skin because it is invisible makeup that will not crease, crack or break down. 

Demi Corrector
Demi Corrector

Demi Correctorprovides exceptional long-lasting value with each tin lasting over a year. It takes the smallest amount of product to filter out the excess color you see on your skin.

Whether choosing from pre-built curated Demi Edit Collections or receiving a personalized color recommendation, Demi Colour is a versatile and inclusive makeup system suitable for all skin tones.

Demi Colour – Cara Brook

Key Takeaways

  • Demi Colour is a breakthrough makeup approach that filters away excess color on your skin.
  • It is not foundation or concealer, but a sheer filter that utilizes color science based on your skin’s changing needs. 
  • Demi Colour blends with your skin tone, lasts all day, and never looks muddy or cakey.
  • It allows your unique natural beauty to shine through and works on all skin tones.

How Does It Work

Demi Colour differentiates itself from traditional foundation by not covering imperfections, but rather changing the color we see. Instead of applying foundation to your whole face, Demi Corrector is placed specifically where you skin needs color correcting. That could look like adding color where your skin has lost vibrancy or filtering out excess color such as dark under eyes that make you look tired. 

The science behind Demi Colour’s color filtering technology involves choosing a complimentary color (the opposite color) to the excess color in the skin, which filters and balances the overall appearance. This approach utilizes the color wheel and color theory to determine the best shades to achieve a natural and flawless look. 

Seint Demi Color Wheel

Demi Corrector require you to assess the areas of your skin that distract you then analyze what color you see so that you are able to choose the complimentary color to neutralize that excess color. I know this can sound overwhelming, but I am here to help you see and learn what colors are on your face.

One of ways I learned to see excess colors on my face was to take a makeup free selfie and enlarge it on my computer. You will be shocked how color correcting the smallest points will make your entire complexion look smoother. You don’t have to, need to, or should be touching every spot on your face. 

Benefits and Features


Demi Colour is a carefully calibrated saturation of cream colour that is strategically applied to balance the skin. With Demi, we are using color science to filter the excess color we don’t want, rather than the traditional foundation approach of adding a lot of the color all over the face. This means a much more effective makeup that can tackle any distraction with precision. 


Demi Corrector is formulated to maximize filtering power and eliminate unnecessary layers, so a light touch of these color-solving hues is all for you need for radiant complexion that lasts all day. No setting required and because Demi takes such a small amount of product each tin can last up to a year. 


No filter isn’t just for pretty vistas. Demi colour gives you a perfect photo finish in real life, in any light, at any distance. This allows your face (not your makeup to steal the spotlight. 


Skin is in and Demi is all about showcasing yours. With Demi, you can target just the areas of your complexion you don’t love without sacrificing your skin’s natural luminosity. 

Demi Correctors
Demi Correctors

How to Use

Remember Demi is Not to Be Used Like Foundation!

  1. Sit in front of natural light and use a magnification mirror. You are going to need to get comfortable seeing excess colors in your skin. 

  2. Tone and/or sculpt your skin. This is a way to bring balance to your overall skin. You can use a sculpt color, contour or bronzer. 

  3. Add in color where your skin needs it to bring vibrancy to the skin, you can use a Demi shade, in the level 5 or 7 shades OR your IIID lip & cheek color. 

  4. Filter distractions on your face. Choose three areas and start there. Dark under eyes or sunspots are the area’s most women start filtering. Remember less is best. Pick a brush no bigger than the size of the point, the Spot brush is my favorite brush when getting started with Demi. 

I also have GREAT videos on my Facebook VIP Beauty Group to help get you started!!

Demi Corrector Guide
Demi Corrector Guide

Evaluating Skin Tone

This is the trickiest part of Demi Colour because the colors pictured on the color wheel show up differently on real skin. To determine excess colors, ask yourself these questions: 

Would I consider my skin light, medium or dark? This question is important because of the following generalizations. 

Fair Skin

Will have lots of different excess colors because it is almost translucent. Veins, pigment and redness will all be more vibrant on someone with fair skin. Most used Demi colors: R1, RO1, O1, YO1. 

Medium Skin

If you have medium skin that has a lot of olive tones (olive being green) you will likely not be using too many REDS (R1, OR1, RO1) because that would fight against your natural coloring. Most Used Demi Colors: O3, YO1, OY1, RO3 sparingly. 

Dark Skin

Because blue is the darkest color, we know that dark skin has a lot bluer in it meaning that the colors in excess will most likely just be blue and purple. Most used Demi correctors: O3, O5, O7, OY1,YO1, NY-1 (this is currently our most saturated yellow works well to filter dark points on darker skin tones). 

Demi Corrector Guide
Demi Corrector Guide

Where to Get Started

To begin your journey into Demi Colour, I recommended you look at selecting a pre-built curated Demi Edit Collection OR you can receive a complimentary color consultation through my color match link. These options will help you in choosing the right Demi Corrector shades that will enhance your unique beauty.

When you choose a pre-built curated Demi Edit Collection, you will have a selection of shades that have been carefully chosen to work harmoniously together. This takes the guesswork out of selecting individual shades and ensures that you have a cohesive and flattering look. Here are the three Demi Edit Collections Seint currently offers:

Demi Wide Awake Edit

Brighten your under eyes and feel refreshed with this collection. The Wide Awake Edit is ideal for bringing to life sleepy or dark under eyes. 

Wide Awake Edit includes Demi correctors in shades: 

O1 and O3: use to neutralize excess blue such as dark shadows around the eyes. 

RO1: to disguise freckles 

YO1: filter excess purple and blue under eyes

Y1: light and purple under eyes


Demi Rewind Edit

This collection is the answer to melasma and age spots by turning back the clock on those pesky spots.

Rewind Edit includes these Demi correctors: 

YO1, OY1, O3: filtering under eyes.

O5: to tone skin before before filtering or a pretty warm flush to the skin

R1, RO1, O3: freckles and melasma 


Demi Erase Edit

This collection is ideal for blemishes throughout their whole cycle from bump to post inflammatory pigmentation. By targeting each spot, you will be eliminating your unwanted distractions. 

Erase Edit includes shades:

G1: use when blemish is bright red (best of fair skin)

YO1 and OY1: blemish is healing

O1 and O3: healed blemishes or scars


Other Options (Getting Started)

If you opt for a complimentary color consultation on the other hand, you will receive personalized recommendations based on your skin tone, features, and preferences. This consultation will help you in understanding which shades will work best for you and how to use them to achieve your desired look.

Whichever option you choose, the goal is to find the Demi Colour shades that will enhance your natural beauty and give you a flawless and radiant complexion.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can Demi Colour be used as a standalone product, or does it need to be used with IIID Foundation?

Yes, Demi Colour can be used as a standalone product without IIID Foundation. If you love the “no makeup makeup” look you can absolutely just use this product alone. If you have a lot of evening out needed in your skin, you may want to use IIID to soften the skin. 

How do I determine which complimentary colors to choose for filtering with Demi Corrector?

When choosing a complimentary color for filtering with demi corrector, it is important to consider the excess color in your skin. The color wheel can be used as a guide to select a color that will neutralize or balance out the excess colors effectively.

Can Demi Colour be used to cover up specific imperfections, or is it solely for changing the overall color of the skin?

Yes, Demi works beautifully in filtering out many different imperfections such as acne, hyperpigmentation, rosacea, dark under eyes.

Can Demi Corrector be layered for more coverage, or are they meant to be a sheer filter?

No, Demi Corrector is not meant to be layered. Ideally, they are best placed on makeup free skin however, I have used them on my sunspots after I have applied a thin application of my IIID highlight. 

Is Demi Colour suitable for all skin types, including oily or dry skin?

Yes, all skin types can use Demi colour. Since you are using a small amount of a cream product it will lay beautifully on all skin types. 

Is Demi Hard to Learn?

Like with any new thing you learn, it takes a little more time because this is nothing you have ever done before. Be patient with yourself and ask questions when you need help. I am here to help you. 

I hope you found this article helpful. Seint Demi Correctors have been absolute game changer for me. If you would like to learn more or have any questions about Demi Colour, click on the link below or sign up for my newsletter at the bottom.

To Take a Deeper Dive into Demi Makeup


For the full array of Seint Makeup products click here!

Send me any questions you have, I’m happy to help!

Updated on September 21, 2023

Demi Colour by Seint

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