Spring Cleaning for Your Makeup Bag

Seint Makeup Bag

When you hear the word “spring cleaning” you usually think of areas in your home but when was the last time you did a clean-up of your makeup bag?

As the flowers bloom and the days grow longer, it’s time to refresh not only your wardrobe but also your makeup collection. Spring is the perfect opportunity to cleanse, declutter, and revitalize your makeup routine.

I know, I get it.

The thought of throwing away makeup that costs a good bit of money is always a challenge. But the thought of using products that could be contaminated with bacteria is not smart.

Start by Gathering all of Your Makeup Products in One Place

  • Evaluate each item, checking for expiration dates, signs of contamination, and whether you still use or enjoy them. Look for this symbol to give you the months until the product expires.

  • Be ruthless: discard any products that are expired, dried out, or no longer serve you.

  • If the texture has changed, if the smell has changed, it’s time to get rid of it.

  • If you have a powder that has hardened, most likely oils from your skin or makeup have gotten into them, again discard it.

  • This chart will give you the typical lifespan of makeup upon opening the product. If you use Seint’s cream products, they expire one year after receiving them.
Makeup Expiration Date Guide

Clean and Sanitize

  • Before returning products to their designated spots, take the time to clean and sanitize them.

  • Wipe down packaging with a gentle disinfectant or makeup wipe to remove any buildup or bacteria.

  • Wash brushes and beauty tools thoroughly with mild soap and warm water, allowing them to air dry completely before using them again.

  • Seint has two effective cleansing products to refresh and sanitize your brushes.

The Brush Cleanser is what I use weekly to cleanse my brushes. It’s a spray formulation that leaves your brushes dry to immediately use again.

Seint Brush Soap
Seint Brush Soap

The Brush Soap, is a tea tree formula with a silicone mat that allows you to do a deep cleanse. I use this product once a month and let my brushes air dry overnight.


By following these steps to spring cleanse your makeup collection, you’ll not only declutter and organize your beauty arsenal but also set the stage for new products for the season.

Happy Spring Cleansing!

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