Tips for Undetectable Undereye Makeup

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Tips to undetectable makeup under the eyes!

Throw out your traditional concealer, it is too heavy for mature skin. And let’s consider doing this area last instead of first!

1. Prep your eyes! Use any serums you have that are humectants to add moisture to this thin area. I like hyaluronic acid and an eye cream especially in the winter months. 2. Then add your mineral sunscreen, a tinted one will help color correct some of the undereye area first. Wait at least ten minutes to let that soak into your skin. 3. The less amount of product you use around your undereye the better. With application so sheer you will not get creasing or that cakey look. Skip your main foundation shade away from the undereye area. You have two options 3-d or Demi for a flawless finish. 4. Use your finger to press 3-D in or a small brush (spot or bright) with Demi color. 5. Move from inward to outward, pressing motion. 6. Powder only if you absolutely must, then press it in keeping it away from crows feet. 7. Check in a magnifying mirror and mostly natural light.

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Updated on May 12, 2023

Tips for Undetectable Undereye Makeup
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