Makeup Trends 2024 – Seint Makeup & Pantone Color

Pantone color 2024

Every December, the Pantone Color Institute unveils its Color of the Year. This sets the tone for design, fashion, beauty and makeup trends for 2024 worldwide. I have to admit, I never knew anything about “Colors of the Year” until last year and since then I have been mesmerized by watching designers incorporate a shade into their work. 

Pantone Color of the Year (2024) – Peach Fuzz

The Pantone Color of the Year for 2024, Peach Fuzz, is an effervescent warm soft peach hue that brings a fresh and youthful energy to the world of fashion and beauty. This charming shade, reminiscent of the delicate fuzz on a peach offers a soft touch to warmth to your makeup palette.

I love the sentiment behind this color, it’s perfect as we walk into the New Year. Peach Fuzz is describes as bringing kindness into life. “Peach fuzz captures our desires to nurture ourselves and others. It’s a velvety gentle peach tone whose all-embracing spirit enriches mind, body and soul” per the Pantone Institute website.

This shade is a refreshing change to the bold color of last year, that helped guide the bold Barbie trend. For us mature gals, this muted shade is gentle to our skin. 

Pantone Color 2024 - Peach Fuzz
Pantone Color 2024 – Peach Fuzz

How do we bring this Beautiful Shade into our Makeup?

Since this is a warm shade it will complement a wide range of skin tones, adding a natural warmth that revitalizes the complexion. Unlike bolder, more saturated colors, “Peach Fuzz” is subtle enough to be worn in various ways, from a sheer wash of color to a more defined look.

Of course, it is going to work extremely well for us Spring and Autumn color palettes but even Summer and Winter girls will be able to pop a touch of this fresh shade into their makeup routine.


Tips for Wearing Peach Fuzz in 2024

  1. Complementary Colors: Pair “Peach Fuzz” with neutral tones like beiges, browns, and soft pinks for a harmonious makeup look. Continue reading for further color selections in shade. 

  2. Focus on Hydration: Mature skin benefits from extra hydration. Use moisturizing makeup products to ensure a smooth application and a radiant finish. Focus on luminescent makeup primers such as Stila One Correct formula and then apply a light application of Seint IIID foundation with the Blend brush

  3. Light-Reflecting Formulas: Opt for makeup with light-reflecting particles to give your skin a luminous, youthful glow. This is where cream makeup truly shines above the rest! 

  4. Blend Well: Ensure that all products are well-blended for a seamless and natural look.

Makeup Trends 2024
Makeup Color Trends 2024

Incorporating Peach Fuzz into Your Makeup Routine

Seint Lip and Cheek Colors

Seint has quite a few lip and cheek colors in the shade range of Peach Fuzz. 

  • St. Tropez is the closest to the Color of the Year. It’s a satin that can be used on its own or paired with another deeper shade. St. Tropez is literally the iconic color of a beachy peach. It’s gorgeous on olive skin gals but definitely has that matte finish to it so I personally like to pair it with Desert Sunset. 

  • Desert Sunset is a sheer nude with a touch of peach in it. 

  • Madrid is my all-time favorite Seint lip and cheek shade. It’s a deeper peach-coral satin shade. This shade is creamy and pigmented. 

  • Sandstone is a deeper brick red that will complement those with a deeper skin tone very nicely. Sandstone is another creamy satin. 

  • Tropicana this was the first lip and cheek color I chose with Seint almost 4 years ago. This gloss is a soft sheer touch of peach. 

Seint Makeup Trend Colors
Seint Complimentary Shades for Peach Fuzz

Seint Eyeshadows

  • It’s well known that shades of peach are lovely on most eye colors but if you are a blue-eyed girl, these shades must have. Use “Peach Fuzz” as a soft, matte eyeshadow for a subtle pop of color, or pair it with complementary shades for a more dynamic look.

    This color can also help to brighten the eyes when used in the inner corners or as a highlight under the brow bone.

  • Havana, Leo and Valencia are different tones of matte peach shades. Seint eyeshadows are highly pigmented and go on buttery smooth. 

  • Crush, As You Wish, and Moscow are peachy shimmer shades. 

Seint Illuminators

With the soft ethereal feel of Peach Fuzz, it’s worth adding a little Georgia (powder) or Rose Gold (cream) illuminators to cast a soft glow to your skin. You may even want to consider doing a soft wash of cream illuminator all over the skin before applying your foundation. 

Demi Color Correctors

We can’t forget the peachy salmon colors of many of color correcting pigments. Orange is the complementary color to blue and works well to filter out excess darkness on our skin. And deeper shades of orange can create warmth to the skin almost like a bronzer does.  Demi Correctors

Colors that Pair with Peach Fuzz

Peach Fuzz is a delicate and warm pastel shade that evokes a sense of softness and femininity. When it comes to pairing colors with Peach Fuzz, several options can create a harmonious and visually pleasing palette.

One excellent choice is to combine Peach Fuzz with muted and complementary tones, such as soft blush pink. This combination enhances the gentle and romantic feel of Peach Fuzz, creating a soothing and elegant ambiance. 

Additionally, pairing Peach Fuzz with light shades of sage green or mint can infuse a touch of freshness and natural tranquility, making it an ideal choice for spring or summer looks.

If you are looking to add a touch of contrast to Peach Fuzz, incorporating muted neutrals like soft gray or beige can create a balanced and sophisticated look. These neutral hues provide a subtle backdrop that allows Peach Fuzz to shine as the focal point while maintaining a sense of understated elegance. 

Alternatively, for a bolder and more vibrant approach, combining Peach Fuzz with shades of coral or terracotta can create a striking and energetic color scheme, perfect for creating a sense of warmth and vibrancy in your makeup or fashion choices.

Overall, the versatility of Peach Fuzz allows for a wide range of color pairings, making it a versatile choice for your makeup looks in 2024. 

In 2024, Peach Fuzz emerges as the quintessential color for beauty, encapsulating a perfect blend of modernity and timelessness. Its soft, warm, and universally flattering undertones are reflective of the ongoing shift towards natural and inclusive beauty standards. 

As we embrace the essence of self-expression and authenticity, Peach Fuzz resonates as a shade that effortlessly complements a diverse range of skin tones, making it an ideal choice for makeup palettes and fashion.

Its subtle and soothing charm encourages a sense of tranquility in an ever-evolving world, serving as a reminder to embrace our unique beauty while staying connected to the contemporary aesthetic. 

In 2024, Peach Fuzz takes its well-deserved place at the forefront of beauty trends, offering a timeless elegance that transcends seasons and celebrates the beauty in every individual.

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Updated on February 21, 2024

Makeup Trends 2024 – Seint Makeup & Pantone Color

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