Getting the coverage you want with Seint

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How to get the coverage you want with Seint?

After days of migraines that leave my dark circles “more blue” than ever I’m grateful for makeup that covers what I don’t love about my skin without leaving me looking like I’m wearing a mask.

Again, the biggest tip is starting with clean hydrated skin. Skip the primers unless you find you have to have them. Most problems I see with coverage is wearing a shade too light. Let me help figure this out for you with a selfie of you wearing your makeup.

Start with a light application of your highlight and add more or spot treat only where necessary, dark circles, rosacea, hyperpigmentation.

Used mango to correct discoration. Sandy as main shade and a little brightening with sunlit. Ash contour, see tutorial on how to contour.

Used Madrid on lips/cheeks and then topped lips with City Lips lip plumping gloss. Use my promo code “purelyradiantheather” for 15% discount on this hyaluronic acid lip plumping goodness.

City Lips – Click Here

Eyes: cafe above hood, filly outer crease and liner, emerald city on the mobile lid.

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Updated on May 11, 2023

Getting the coverage you want with Seint
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