Shine Bright Girl!

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In a world that is based on our outer beauty, we hear a lot about glowing skin or glowy makeup which is all good; clearly we all luminosity at this age. But have you thought about your inner glow?

When I came up with a name for my beauty page on Facebook I prayed and I knew RADIANT was what I wanted to share with you. I wanted to remind you that a little shimmer will allow the skin to reflect light but I will continue to remind you; if inward beauty is lacking then you’re just a mask with shine! Inner glow is a term used to describe the feeling of contentment and joy that comes from within.

It is a feeling of peace and joy that radiates outward, affecting yourself and those around you. It can be cultivated by meditation and prayer, yoga, and doing things that bring you joy. It is a feeling of being in touch with your inner self, your true nature, and feeling connected to the world around you. I see many of you share your most vulnerable selves through your color match photos.

I know it’s hard to send a photo like that. But what I see looking back at me in those photos is your inner glow. Let this be your reminder that you are more than just a human body; you have a spirit and soul. You may have been knocked around a few times and are not feeling very glowy today. It’s ok to dust yourself off and get back to finding your glow again.

Updated on May 11, 2023

Shine Bright Girl!
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